What is Vistage?

Successful leaders combine good business sense with inspiration, guidance and unwavering authority. But, who do they turn to when they need advice? For more than 50, years Vistage Private Advisory boards have helped seasoned executives and new business owners to overcome myriad business challenges. These professionally facilitated groups, comprised of members from a wide range on non-competing industries, meet once a month to help each other solve problems and identify new opportunities within their businesses.

In the Northeast, 500 Vistage members have joined Vistage private advisory boards alongside fellow business leaders in a confidential setting. The Northeast features more than 40 of them – with more groups forming every day. Each is comprised of up to 16 high-performing business executives who meet monthly to hold each other accountable. Members in cities from Buffalo to Boston and from Providence to Portland challenge each other to think outside the box, confront problems head-on and come up with unconventional ideas to put into action.